Review A Pirate’s Tale by Michele Stegman


A Pirate’s Tale
A PIRATE’S TALE by Michele Stegman is a very short novella about a Captain who goes back to claim the love of his life Bess.  Wrongly accused of smuggling he takes the the sea to live the life of a pirate but he never forgot Bess and knew one day he would come back for her.
There is one question will Bess take him back or will he lose her to his sworn enemy?

One of my favorite genres in romance is the pirate romance. When I found out that Michele Stegman had written one I had to read it. I have been saying for awhile now that there needs to be more of them and Michele Stegman gives a good example on why.

Told from a crew member of the The Captain’s ship you get to watch with him as the captain returns for his lady love. While this book is short (5 pgs) it does give you an appetizer for more of  the same type of romance. (hint hint)

5 thoughts on “Review A Pirate’s Tale by Michele Stegman

  1. I thought this was some of Michele's best work. Her story is so well written that you can imagine the entire book that would have encapsulated this vignette. I loved it, I was on the ship, and I felt like I was wearing an eye patch and was missing a few teeth!

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