Undressed by Avery Aster


I know I am probably telling my age here but I used to love the television shows
Dynasty and Dallas and for me reading UNDRESSED had me thinking that if those 
shows were produced today (I know there is a new Dallas but it isnt the same) it
would be a lot like UNDRESSED. 

Lex Easton needs the material for her Fashion week and the fate of that week lies in 
the hands of Prince Tittoni. Prince Tittoni is the owner of Girasoli Fabrics and 
is withholding the fabric. Lex decides to confront the prince at his vacation home
to demand that he release the fabrics she needs but she doesn’t factor in that
the pictures that she has seen of him do not do him any justice. He is much hotter in 

Prince Massimo Tittoni has no intention of letting Lex have his fabric but when he finds out Lexis a she not a he and that he very much wants her in his bed. 

UNDRESSD is simply hot. Hot seems almost like a wimpy word for the sizzling attraction 
between Lex and Massimo. Not to mention it gives readers a glimpse into the exciting
fashion world.  There also are some menage scenes between secondary characters which 
made me love UNDRESSED even more. Luckily for me this is the first in The Manhattanites 
series. I personally cannot wait for the next installment. With books like UNDRESSED who
needs to watch tv? 

25 New Yorker Insights Learned in Undressed by Avery Aster
·  Your vagina can take a guy’s shaft and nuts…at the same time.
·  Always name your butt plug after Anderson Cooper.
·  Pre-ejaculation while jetting a plane over Italy causes turbulence.
·  Never let a dog sleep in your bed, especially three dogs. It’ll ruin your sex life.
·  If he’s as hung as an Evian bottle, it’s best to look away.
·  Always retain the legal services of female lawyers, particularly ones named; Sarah Goldbaum and Hannah Goldstein.
·  Never allow your mother to spend your line of credit on a psychic from the Caribbean.
·  Sexual frustration leads to good business practices, enough to earn three hundred million dollars.
·  If Bergdorf’s, Barney’s and Saks Fifth Avenue reject your upcoming fashion collections try selling it to JCPenny’s.
·  Use your American Express reward points wisely.
·  Bellini cocktail consumption will induce foot fetishes.
·  Swedish Fish, Now & Later, and Gummy Bears from Dylan’s Candy Bar are perfect for your fuck-it bucket.
·  Everyone should be so lucky to have a best friend like Taddy Brill.
·  Never drive a Ford Thunderbird off a cliff thinking you’re Thelma & Louise.
·  Stay away from any woman named Scilla or Ottavia.
·  Wearing Tory Burch ballet flats while racing a sports car may cause ones clitoris to hum.
·  Think twice before sitting Lady Gaga and Madonna next to one another at your fashion show.
·  Prada and a condom, when worn together, are known to make bisexual men go bonkbuster cra-cra.
·  Altering a vintage Valentino dress, formerly worn by socialite Nati Abascal, may land you on the red carpet.
·  We should all get fucked in Fendi.
·  When in love, you can have as many orgasms as you like…in one day!
·  Slow dancing to Giuseppe Verdi enhances one’s emotional state.
·  Never argue with your lover in public, above all—never in front of Anna Wintour, Marc Jacobs, or Karl Lagerfeld.
·  Playing Simon Says, in bed, may lead one to reveal their true feelings. So will strip dancing in front of him to the song Girls, Girls, Girls by Mötley Crüe.
·  And finally, he must always say, “I love you,” first.

Avery will be awarding Choc-A-Lot: Chocolate-Covered Sandwich Cookies to a random commenter 


19 thoughts on “Undressed by Avery Aster

  1. Hi Morgan. I confess…I love heavy metal. That scene happens much later in the book. I'll let you in on a little bit about it…Lex plays the song in her head, naked, and dances for Massimo. 😉

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