I have been sitting on this news for what seems like forever but has only been a couple months.

The wonderfully talented author who also is affectionately known among her friends as the Nutella Queen Cynthia Sax has signed with AVON IMPULSE!!!


Here is what Cyn has to say about her new deal.

More details about what is coming out this July!! Keep your e-readers ready

So stay tuned here for more details on her big news. I personally don’t think it could happen to a better person!!!


Cynthia Sax’s Super Secret Project

Yes, say that ten times quickly. (grins)

As reading buddies know, Bad Barb had me locked in the writing closet during the entire month of February. I was allowed the bare minimal Facebook, Twitter and reader loop time. That was allotted to me only to prevent friends from worrying. Bad Barb didn’t know why I needed to be in the writing closet but she knew this Super Secret Project was important to me.

So what was I doing in the writing cave?
I was revising three erotic romance novellas. These were deep revisions because I wrote these stories long before I was published. I wrote them for me but I never forgot about them. I love these stories. Now that my writing skills have greatly improved, I can finally do the stories justice and I’m thrilled that one of my dream publishers will be publishing them.

I was revising them for Avon Impulse, the digital romance arm of HarperCollins.

Every week, one of my publishers, Changeling Press, has a Flash Fiction Challenge. One of the themes in February reminded me of these three stories. I took them out of the box under the bed and I read them again. I cringed at the clumsy writing but I loved them. I loved the heroine and the hero and I especially loved the first sexy scene.

Then less than a week later, J.K. Coi, one of the nicest, most generous writers in Romanceland, shared with me that Tessa Woodward, an editor at Avon Impulse, was taking erotic romance pitches.

I gave a one line pitch for the first story. Tessa loved my pitch and requested the manuscript. I had a freak out. How could I not? This was Tessa at Avon Impulse requesting my manuscript. I rushed to the grocery store, stocked up on Nutella and spent a week revising the story.

I sent it. Tessa loved the story and asked if there were more stories. I did a happy dance my hubby wishes he preserved on video. I then cleared the shelves of Nutella, asked Bad Barb to lock me in the writing closet, and I revised the other two stories.

These three stories will be releasing in July from Avon Impulse. I can’t yet share details as details tend to change but I wanted Bad Barb to be one of the first people to know (clearly my hubby knew first and our neighbors likely knew also – I was very loud). Bad Barb helped to keep me focused and, while she didn’t know what I was working on, she did know Super Secret Project was important to me. She’s the best cheerleader a writer could have and I love her to bits. (gives Bad Barb a big hug)


8 thoughts on “BREAKING NEWS!!!!

  1. So happy for you! I too have been holding on this secret for far too long, SO relieved you’ve let it out so I can SQUEE with you. It couldn’t have happened to a nicer person. WOOT!

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