Review: Heat it Up by Emma Hillman

Review:Heat it Up
Emma Hillman
Resplendence Publishing


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If you are on the lookout like I am for really good female/female romance then look no further then HEAT IT UP by Emma Hillman. In HEAT IT UP, Dani is getting tired of just being known as the Alpha’s niece. When she is turned down for the Enforcer position and feeling a bit sorry for herself she stumbles into a dry creek bed. Her rescuer is nonother then her cousin Andy’s
mate Lana.
Lana and Andy were mates but not by choice. Living by herself for years she helps Dani
with the thought that she would be gone in a couple hours. She doesn’t count on her
attraction to Dani or that Dani would feel the same way.
HEAT IT UP is the classic older/younger lover storyline with a lesbian twist. The love scenes between Dani and Lana are explosive and you cannot help but root for them to have the happy ending that they deserve. I was unaware this was part of a series. Going to go and get the other books in the series now.

The tears Dani had been desperately trying to stop slowly dripped down her face. Andy’s voice kept echoing inside her head. He’d never been her favorite cousin—by far, Nate was more easygoing—but she’d never thought he could hurt her like this, with just a few words, spoken in a no-nonsense tone as if everything he told her was the truth and she had to be able to see that.


“You shouldn’t be here, Dani. You’re too young. You’re not…Lieutenant material.”

She’d really thought Andy would see her point. So what if she wasn’t an amazingly strong shifter? She had qualities that the others training to be his Lieutenants didn’t have.

She’d pleaded her case, but he’d been resolute. Oh, their Enforcer was always polite. He’d listened to her. He’d just shot her down after her carefully executed speech.

“It’s still a no, Dani. Go home, and please don’t tell your mom or Alistair that you’ve been here. Okay?”

As if she would do that! Did he really think she was that stupid? As if she’d tell their Alpha! “Who does he think I am?” she called out, kicking a nearby rock for good measure.

Sniffing, she brushed her tears away, but they kept coming. Her eyes were probably red by now. Shit, there was no way she could go home looking like that. Her mother would jump on her and ask what the problem was, picking and picking until Dani either exploded or confessed or both at the same time.

Where else could she go? It wasn’t as if she could tell anyone about her latest failure. Her best friend, Amy, had been put on Team One by Andy and was probably already doing secret training stuff. Dani shouldn’t have listened to her. Amy had been so sure they’d be picked, just like that.

Amy wasn’t the Enforcer’s ultra-protected cousin however. She hadn’t been raised by the Pride Alpha, her Uncle Alistair, the one man everyone feared. Amy wasn’t the one who’d been on only a handful of dates by age twenty!

Amy wasn’t the pathetic one. Dani was. Dani was a loser who was crying like a little girl because she’d been told no. Again. Her lioness bumped her head against Dani’s insides, silently offering support.

Dani looked at her surroundings and realized she’d walked to the edge of town without noticing. She stood on the silent street, unsure of where to go next, her brain scrambling for a solution.

I’m so tired, she told her animal. She yearned to find a place where she could curl up, close her eyes and forget about her problems—no, make that forget about everything. If only she could be somebody else, anyone else…

The shift took her by surprise. She let out a yelp as she suddenly found herself on all fours, her clothes in tatters on the ground. Her lioness took over Dani’s body and forced her to change! Dani fought it for a second then realized her animal was handing her a reprieve. As soon as she let go, fur began to cover her limbs. She bent her head and let it happen.

Minutes later, she looked up and stretched. Her senses were sharper, her ears picking up every little sound. It was noisy in town, and her lioness wished for peace—no, Dani wished for peace. She shook her head, trying to clear her muddled thoughts.

Forest. Eat.

The lioness bounded toward the trees in the distance, not giving Dani a choice.

This is weird, she thought, feeling herself move even though she wasn’t controlling her body.

The lioness entered the woods and immediately started hunting. There! Rabbit!

The chase began in earnest. They jumped and ran and stalked. They let out a roar that scared every little animal in a two-mile radius. They became silent and watchful as they circled back and hid behind a bush, the rabbit’s scent so close they knew it would be dinnertime soon.

The lioness licked her chops and lay down to wait. It took a little while, but the rabbit finally popped out of the hole in which it had been cowering. Its whiskers shook. It took one timid step out. Then another one. The lioness moved onto her haunches, her front paws tense. Come here, little rabbit…

As if it’d heard her, the prey froze then ran off in the opposite direction. And the chase was on again.

When her animal jumped on a branch hanging over a dried-out creek, Dani let her do her thing. After all, her lioness knew what she was doing.

When there was an ominous creaking sound and they began falling, Dani cringed but didn’t otherwise react. The impact with the hard ground stole her breath, and everything went black for a moment.

When she awoke, she was lying naked in the middle of the creek. Her lioness had gone back into hiding, and Dani was in control again. That would have been okay if she wasn’t in so much pain she thought she might faint again.

It took her a little while to find the strength to sit up. Her head spun. The darkness beckoned. No go.

She fell back and closed her eyes. She was stuck here.

Oh, crap.


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