Review: Destined by Megan Slayer

Megan Slayer
Changeling Press


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Daisy has always considered Julian Moran to be her best friend even if he was a vampire. Julian wants Daisy but so does Adrian. Adrian is an ancient vampire and wants to claim
Daisy for his own. Julian will do everything in his power to make sure that Adrian will not get her and the only man Daisy will have for a mate is Julian.
Friends into lovers is one of my favorite storylines and with DESTINED by Megan Slayer not
only do readers get that they also get an awesome vampire romance also. What could be better??
The love scenes between Julian and Daisy are hot enough to turn an ancient vampire into ashes but the friendship between them is what will stay with readers even longer.
Megan Slayer creates a worldd where humans and vampires live together in her Haven House
series and I cannot wait to sink my teeth into the next installment.


“You’re the one he wants.”

Daisy North peered into the blackness of her back patio. Despite the time of night and near invisibility of the moon, the security lights lit the area well enough to see there wasn’t anyone in the back courtyard. Then who the hell was speaking about being the one someone wanted? She rubbed her arms to stave off the chill of the night air. A shiver streaked up her spine. Damn it, she knew she heard someone out in the shadows.

“Julian?” Daisy backed into her apartment and shivered. Her heart hammered as she awaited any sign he’d shown up. Julian Moran wasn’t like other men who posed for her. Then again, every other man she knew was quite alive. Her Julian walked with the dead.

Hers. He wasn’t exactly hers.

She locked the door with trembling fingers and yanked the curtain closed. It wasn’t the first time she’d heard the voices outside. Every night at midnight since Julian had begun posing for her, she’d heard someone speaking from her patio. Sure, she could calm a nervous terrier with the best of them and render a nude with finesse, but she wasn’t sure how she managed to acquire a stalker.

Leaning against the wall, she massaged her temples and measured her breaths. She should’ve paid more attention during the self-defense classes. Having an older brother teach her how to brawl wasn’t enough if some lunatic with a gun showed up and smashed into her living room. She could hit him in the eyes with a crushed charcoal stick, but what would that do? Stun him for a second? Maybe.

The jangle of her doorbell jerked her from her musings. She clutched her chest and padded into the front room. Please let it be Julian. Please.

At the same time, she silently chuckled at herself. Did she actually rely on him as her protector? Not in the technical sense, but it didn’t hurt that the man was made of solid, rippling muscle.

“Daisy, sweetheart, you have to unlock the door.”

She dragged oxygen into her lungs and let it out slowly. Julian. He’d followed her for at least the past eighteen months as a protector. From what? She wasn’t sure, but she enjoyed the connection they shared — like two peas in a pod. He understood her, and she got him.

When she tugged the steel door open, Julian smiled on the other side of the threshold. The soft cotton of his dress shirt molded to the sharp planes of his chest, and the denim clung to the defined muscles of his tapered legs.

“Hi, handsome.” She shoved the screen door open. “Come in and keep me company.”

“All you had to do was ask for me.” The gravelly velvet of his voice wrapped around her. He strode into the living room and whipped around, shucking his fedora. He tossed the hat onto the couch, and his expression hardened. Creases formed, marring his smooth forehead. “You heard them, didn’t you? Damn it.”

No beating around the bush with Julian. She locked the door and folded her arms. “Same thing as the last three nights. ‘You’re the one he wants.’ What does it mean?”

Julian pinched the bridge of his nose and closed his eyes. “It means they aren’t going away, and we need to have a talk.”

“Talk. Sounds ominous.” A shiver slid up her spine despite her jovial tone. Her blood turned to ice in her veins. Of all the times she’d talked about nothing and everything with Julian, he’d never looked quite so serious.

“It also means I can’t leave you alone, sweetheart.”

“I can’t say I’m disappointed.” She’d wanted him to stick around plenty of times, especially once the sun rose. The idea of being the woman in his life — well, his undead life — sent a rush of heat to her core. Julian touched something inside her so deep, like to the depths of her soul deep.

“What are you saying?” He dropped his hand and stared at her, expressionless. “Tell me.”

“I want to know what’s going on and, honestly, having you around isn’t a bad thing. Why do you think I have you pose for me every time I need a nude?” She looked away, unable to meet his gaze. “You’re a sexy man. Any woman would die to have you hang around.” She winced at her word choice. “I mean, you make great eye candy.” Turning away, she waved her hand. “Never mind.”

No matter what she said, it came out awkward. So much for sounding like a level-headed adult.

“I’m handsome? For more than just a drawing or painting?” He eased up behind her, smoothing his fingers over her shoulders and sending tingles through her body. His breath tickled her ear. “You’re sexy, too.” His cock threaded between her ass cheeks. “Makes it hard to behave myself.”

Julian nipped the soft spot where her shoulder met her neck. She fisted her hands and her pussy quivered. She loved the banter they shared — when he baited her, flustered her, and ran with her compliments, like a good lothario should. All vampires knew their sex appeal, and most used it for no-strings fornication, but not Julian Moran. Not yet. If he knew he was hot, sexy, and delicious, he kept it on the extreme down low. But not tonight.

“Stop thinking and let yourself feel.” In a light caress, he turned her around and tucked her close against his body. “Live in the moment.”

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