Review Gascon Victors and the Batty Beautician by Kate Hill

Gascon Victors and the Batty Beautician

by Kate Hill
Changeling Press


Gascon Victors likes to play matchmaker and has set his sights on Harrison an artist and Mia
who is a beautician that also happpens to have a strange fascination with bats. When Mia sees
a pamphlet for an art show featuring bats she can not help but not go. When she meets the man
behind the paintings she is immediately drawn to him.

GASCON VICTORS AND THE BATTY BEAUTICIAN is a sweet erotic romance by Kate Hill. Love at first
site is one of my favorite storylines but sometimes you have a hard time believing the
characters fell for each other so quickly. This is not the case between Harrison and Mia
you can sense the immediate connection between them. I loved the fact that there was
no drama to separate them.

If you are looking for a quick read romance that will leave you feeling good after the last
page then definitely pick up GASCON VICTORS AND THE BATTY BEAUTICIAN by Kate Hill.


Gascon Victors and the Batty Beautician
Kate Hill
All rights reserved.
Copyright ©2013 Kate Hill

This e-book file contains sexually explicit scenes and adult language which some may find offensive and which is not appropriate for a young audience. Changeling Press E-Books are for sale to adults, only, as defined by the laws of the country in which you made your purchase. Please store your files wisely, where they cannot be accessed by under-aged readers.

Gascon Victors stood in the dark tower on top of the city library. He stared across the street at the lit attic room of the old Victorian house where Harrison worked on his latest painting.
Talented and successful, Harrison was a man of unusual taste and a quiet demeanor. Despite his secret desire for someone to share his life with, he had yet to find his soulmate.

Gascon knew the woman Harrison was meant for. Smiling faintly, he waved his hand and sent his magic across the warm spring night to the unsuspecting artist whose deepest cravings were about to be fulfilled…

* * *

Harrison glanced out the window of his attic studio and gazed at the dark, cylindrical tower of the library across the street. Using the view for inspiration, he turned his attention back to his paper.

He enjoyed mixing fantasy and reality in his art and he specialized in gothic settings. A close-up of the tower was the background for his work-in-progress. Closing his eyes, he focused on the fantasy forming almost magically in his mind.

In the torch-lit tower window, a shapely woman appeared, her back to Harrison. Her hair was piled on top of her head. As her lush hips swayed to exotic music, she reached up and loosened her hair. It tumbled down her shoulders and back. She continued dancing, her body undulating in a way that made Harrison’s heart beat faster and his cock swell. Maybe she was reminiscent of the dancers he had seen during his travels to Egypt and Morocco.

No. She was different.

His eyes still closed, he drew a slow breath and touched his pencil to the paper. Focused on the exotic, dark-haired beauty in his mind’s eye, he let his hand flow. He’d created some of his best works with his eyes closed, but no daydream had ever been quite this real. If only she would turn around and show him her face.

Her arms lifted and fluttered gracefully to her sides. Turning, she revealed the curve of her full breasts and the indentation of her waist. The slight swell of her belly made his cock tighten. Curvy women did something to Harrison.

Then she turned to him. Her face was concealed by a mask of black and white feathers. His stomach clenched and his heartbeat quickened.

The woman’s hands swept her breasts and ribs. They roamed over her hips and caressed her inner thighs. She disappeared from the tower and Harrison dropped his pencil.

He stepped closer to his window, straining to see her. A hand touched his shoulder. Since he was home alone, he should have been surprised, but somehow he knew it was her.

He turned and stared into her beautiful brown eyes that gazed at him from behind the feathered mask. When he reached for it, she lightly grasped his wrists. She wasn’t strong enough to stop him if he wanted to fight her hold, but if she wished to remain anonymous that was fine with him — even if it was his fantasy.

Taking her hand, he sank to the floor, tugging her with him. All light faded. He could no longer see the woman, but he felt her. She straddled him and caressed his chest, then she kissed him. Harrison stroked her thick, satiny hair. Then she sat back and moved down his body, gently whipping her hair over his chest.

Harrison groaned. His heart pounded and his hands trembled a bit as he hurried to unfasten his pants. This was the best fantasy he’d ever had and he didn’t want it to fade. Kicking off his trousers, he reached for his cock, then spread his legs as he stroked himself, still focused on the woman in his mind.

She kissed and caressed his inner thighs. Her soft, moist lips teased him. Usually Harrison was too involved in his art to think about women. Not that he didn’t have urges, but a few quick strokes in the shower was generally enough to get his attention back on his work. From his youth he’d traveled the world, but all his experiences had focused on history and art. Somehow he’d never found a woman to fill the void in his heart — one that by now he believed would remain empty all his life.

It had been a long time since he’d had a fantasy as detailed and pleasurable as this one. If only he could see her face.

He stroked his cock while trying to imagine what she looked like. His thoughts drifted as she touched her warm lips to the base of his cock. She swirled her tongue around its length until she reached the tip. Harrison’s thumb teased the underside of his cock head, mimicking the flicks of her tongue.

Breathing heavily, his heart pounding, he knew he couldn’t wait any longer.

His hips thrust while he stroked himself faster and harder, all the while imagining the mysterious woman sucking and licking him.

Harrison groaned as he came, writhing on his studio floor, his eyes closed and his mind reeling.

If only this woman were real…

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