Customer Satisfaction Cheryl Dragon

Customer Satisfaction
Cheryl Dragon
Resplendence Publishing

customer satisfaction
CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is the latest Lucky Springs series from author Cheryl Dragon. Lizzie has been with Byron and Fisher for a few months now but they have not made any sort of permanent
commitment but were headed that way or so they thought. Byron and Lizzie are thrown for a loop when Fisher says he cheated with one of the Stinger brothers Damon.
The Stinger brothers were always attracted to Lizzie but held off on acting on it when Byron and Fisher asked her out first. Now that Lizzie is available they hope to act on that attraction as well as the attraction they have for her exes.
I am admittedly a big fan of Cheryl Dragon’ and each release shows me that my love for her books will never go away. Ms Dragon’s menages are must reads in my opinion and CUSTOMER SATISFACTION is no different. The sex scenes are scorchingly hot as we have come to expect but what really pulls a reader in is how Fisher struggles with what he wants and what he thinks his family wants. Lizzie, Bryon, Damon and Luke are prepared to let Fisher find his way even if it means not being a part of their family.
If you have not read the series yet keep some space open on your credit card for the rest of the series cause you know your going to want more.


To some, Lucky Springs was just a sleepy, small town in the middle of Louisiana. For Lizzie Bouvier, it was the perfect fit.

After dinner at the café with the two men, she’d been seeing, the trio walked down Main Street. Group relationships and an excess of attractive men made the small town a real haven for those who wanted to be unique but not hide out in a big city.

“Do you miss Shreveport?” Byron Thurmon asked.

Lizzie shook her head. “That was too loud and busy. I like it here.”

How could she not like it when she had two sexy, bisexual men? They were sweet, and she could watch them and enjoy both of their attentions. Byron had short black hair and deep blue eyes. He was strong and lean. When she started as a customer service representative at the Lucky Springs factory, she’d been attracted to Byron and his boyfriend, Fisher Mulroy, right off the bat.

“Maybe you’re secretly planning to move back to the bayou?” Fisher took her hand.

“No way. I couldn’t have two men on a date back there. My brothers and cousins would feed you to the swamp critters.” Walking between them, she felt safe but couldn’t shake the sensation something was missing. It could just be an off night. With three in a relationship, it was always a learning experience.

And here, two was nothing. Her friends Zoe and Ashley had each ended up with four men to juggle. Lizzie wasn’t greedy, and the pair would be plenty. It’d still be daring compared to her simple Cajun roots. The odd feeling wasn’t about keeping up with her friends but about the way the trio clicked so far. She’d been here about a year and dating the two men over five months, but it still seemed light and fun. There was no real sense of moving things to a more serious level. Though both Byron and Fisher were born and raised in Lucky Springs, she hadn’t met Fisher’s family at all yet and had only been introduced to a few of Byron’s family members. In some areas, everything was perfect, but it also didn’t feel serious for almost five months of dating.

While Zoe and Ash’s men all had their lives and acts together, making things move quickly, that didn’t mean it’d be the same for Lizzie or her other roommate Crystal, who was still single. The four friends had moved here from Shreveport a year ago after being laid off during the recession and found jobs at the factory.

“Want us to take you home?” Fisher asked as they arrived at the guys’ apartment building.

Fisher was younger and still a bit bashful at twenty-five even though he’d been with Byron since high school. She assumed Fisher simply hadn’t been with girls too often. He seemed still to be in the bachelor phase. His short brown hair, pale blue eyes and boyish face endeared him to her. Both men were dressed casually in khakis and polo shirts, and she wanted more time with them in less clothing.

“No, maybe I’ll come up and hang out for a bit.” She followed them up the stairs to their new place. The factory expansion begun two years ago had triggered some building in the town, which had attracted most of the single men. Now things were leveling off, and the town was finding its balance again.

While the house Lizzie and her friend Crystal were renting felt homey and inviting, the guys’ newly built apartment building still smelled of paint. Both men had lived in the town all their lives.

As much as she loved them, maybe they weren’t ready to settle down. Flopping on the couch, she forced away her questions. Rushing a commitment or any relationship was a classic mistake. Lizzie was old-fashioned and wanted the family and stability. That attitude frequently scared men off.

On the other hand, Lizzie wasn’t the type to hop from group to group. The dream of a home and a white picket fence with kids playing still worked for her. What happened in private was just that—private.

When the two men sat down on either side of her and started kissing her neck, it certainly felt right. Her stress and questions melted as her body heated up. Their strong bodies pressed to her, and she knew it wasn’t wrong.

The practiced team unbuttoned her sundress and slid it down her body, and Byron immediately sucked her breast into his mouth. She wasn’t overly endowed and loved getting the looks when she went braless. The lack of panties didn’t go unnoticed either. Fisher rubbed her slit gently.

Her body flushed and tingled as the arousal took hold. In no time, Fisher’s fingers were slick. Her body arched for more as Byron nipped her breasts. She reached down and stroked them through their pants. They were hard, and she needed them naked. Now.

Working on their flies, she watched the men remove their shirts. When Fisher leaned in and kissed Byron, her cunt trembled. Men who liked to screw each other added a new layer of wildness in her sex life. Two men had always been a fantasy, but her reality was even better. Byron’s chest had thick hair that trailed down to his cock while Fisher was smoother. They were a sexy pair.

She kissed Fisher then Byron while she massaged their erections to full length. Licking her way down Fisher’s body, she inhaled his masculine scent. She knelt on the couch and nuzzled Fisher’s shaft playfully at first.

Byron slid behind her on the sofa and gripped her hips. Gasping, she opened her legs and let him eat her pussy. Two men were perfect. She could dream of juggling more, but two kept her busy. Byron’s tongue worked her closer and closer to orgasm as she sucked Fisher’s member in deeper.

“Please,” she said, stroking Fisher as she rubbed back on Byron.

“Come for me, then I’ll fuck you,” he said.

They loved to tease, and she couldn’t argue with men who could go all night. She relaxed and stopped trying to hold on. Byron massaged her inner folds and licked in and out of her. What she needed was his erection right there, but she was too close to argue.

Fisher cupped her breasts and tugged on her nipples. She sucked his balls as she rocked back on Byron until he fingered her clit just right. The heat and tremors spread instantly throughout her. She pressed her face to Fisher’s hard body as she moaned. Byron held her hips and ate her through as her climax faded.

“She needs more than that,” Fisher said.

“A lot more.” She grabbed his pants from the floor, dug into Byron’s pocket and found a condom. The men were always prepared.

Instead of passing it back, she slid it on Fisher, facing him, and straddled his hips. Long and thick, the young man was well endowed. Sinking slowly on his cock, she watched the relief and surrender in his eyes. She rode him hard but took her time.

“You want two or are you teasing Fisher?” Byron nibbled on her neck.

“He’ll never last if you join in there.” Lizzie gripped Byron’s cock and tugged him up until he sat on the back of the couch next to Fisher.

“God, yes!” Fisher sucked Byron’s cock as if he hadn’t had a man in weeks.

Lizzie smiled up at Byron as her fingers teased his balls just behind his sac. He thrust harder into Fisher’s mouth, and in turn, Fisher lifted into her cunt faster. She squeezed Fisher’s cock deep inside of her as she pinched Byron’s tight ass. The sexual compatibility blew her mind. It was so fluid and shameless she let herself go more than she ever had with just one man. She’d asked for more from them than any other.

She drove herself down on Fisher’s cock, and he grabbed her hips, helping her add force as she rode. There was no problem with liking things a little rough, but she’d never admitted that to anyone but them. Byron held her hair and pressed her to his balls. She nipped them, and he smiled. Then his hand connected to her ass.

A little spanking got her going. She’d discovered the sexy duo didn’t mind giving her a taste of the firmness in bed. They weren’t into domination really, but her love of harsher play made them see her not as a sweet bayou girl but a woman who needed two men and a lot of sexual attention.

“More,” she moaned.

Byron gave her a swat on the other cheek, and the sting stimulated her, making the sex better. The rush pushed her to grind on Fisher’s cock. He released Byron’s cock and pinched her nipples, rolling them until she groaned. Only then did Fisher slide his fingers down and pat her clit. The spark nudged her closer to release, but they had to come too or she’d never be satisfied.

Thrusting into her, Fisher made her body bounce as he jerked Byron’s cock. She loved the view and the deep ways the men both were touching her right now.

“Fuck!” Byron’s cum shot over Fisher’s chest and down his fist.

“More?” Fisher jerked his lover a little longer and added a harder tap to her clit.

“Yes!” Byron smacked her ass before sliding behind her.

“Oh God!” She fell forward and clutched Fisher as the release sent her into convulsions. Byron held her, and Fisher rolled her nipples again. The throbbing and deep tremors overtook her body. Her hips snapped down on Fisher’s erection even as her orgasm faded. She licked Byron’s cum off Fisher’s chest then bit his skin.

“More!” Fisher shouted.

She felt his release, and Byron pinning her between their bodies as the men kissed. Snuggling up, she joined their kiss, and they held her tight.

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