Blade Dance by Danica St Como

Danica St. Como, 21 May 2013, Blog Tour


Five Questions for Danica St. Como for Blade Dance, developed by author Nona Raines, author of Uncollared, One Good Man, Take This Man, and other romance novels:

  1. The serial killer in this novella is seriously demented. Did you need to research on this type of sociopath (scary!) to try to get the details right?


Actually, yes, I did. Not only did I do quite a bit of research on my own, but I was lucky to have an editor who specialized in forensic science. It was a fascinating journey, and I learned how much I didn’t know. For instance, the term “serial murderer” is technically preferred over the more popularized “serial killer.” The belief that serial murderers always have a distinct profile is also not true—profiling is still a new and inexact tool of law enforcement, but only a minor tool. Serial murders are not usually the clever blokes that the television and movies portray. Most often, they’re just lucky that so much of what they do hasn’t been discovered and put in context.  The character, Theo, totally freaked out a few of my readers.


  1. Blade Dance contains a lot of hawt and sexy scenes within a committed m/f/m ménage relationship. Why do you think ménage romances are so popular?


I believe that the characters involved in a ménage of any combination allow the reader to partake of forbidden fantasies for which they might secretly lust. I prefer the idea of two big, muscular, totally buff  men and a woman. How outrageously cool to have two guys concerned with their woman’s well-being, two men to see to her sexual—and sensual—needs, two men who announce to all comers, “she’s ours.” Even with a strong heroine (no wimpy women allowed), there’s something about that primitive feeling that lights my fire.


  1. In the novella, the heroine Wallis often tells herself she should get a dog. On a personal note, you’ve been involved for many years breeding and racing Whippets. How did you get involved in that?


I became involved with the world of purebred dogs when I was fifteen: Collies, Afghan Hounds, then finally, Borzois. Borzois were my breed until just recently, when the last Borzoi of my own breeding passed on. We had a Whippet, then two Whippets, then like potato chips, five Whippets. Now we’re comfortably at three Whippets, which seem perfect—Willow, Elise, Merengue. My husband and I moved from central Jersey to central upstate New York to have enough property for our dogs, and to host amateur field trial and race meets. Quite often, I sit up on the fields and make novel notes. Some of my most brilliant story ideas have come while mowing the fields for upcoming trials.


Stormwind’s Lotus Elise (photo © Ben Brodeur, used with permission)

  1. You’ve lived a very interesting life. Through the years, you’ve had Arabian horses, was a tractor-trailer driver, painted custom vans, did glass etchings, was a free-lance ceramist, and more. What made you decide to try your hand at writing romance?


I began writing little stories when I was eleven. As an adult, I wrote magazine articles about sighthounds, the family of dogs we have, then branched into non-fiction reference books. Satisfying, but not completely. In the early years of the romance genre, I became frustrated at the implied, but never graphically stated, intimacies. When I read my first Catherine Coulter novel, I was hooked. In the years that followed, I played around with building scenes to suit myself, then finally completed an erotic romance novel. The first manuscript didn’t sell, but the second one did—and the third, and the fourth, etc. Now dusted off, revamped and updated, the first manuscript is actually being considered by a publisher. That would be totally righteous.


  1. Here’s a personal question for a romance writer: what’s the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?


Hmmm. Not usually a romantic guy, my husband occasionally surprises me. I think the most wonderful thing he ever did was to have my first “real” published book, a 650-page softcover book on sighthounds, specially bound by hand in hard cover for me, in secret. I was so overwhelmed by the thoughtfulness of the gift (and the sneaky way in which it was accomplished), I was rendered absolutely speechless. And, for those who know me, I’m never speechless. I treasure that book, my very own special edition.


  Blade Dance

By: Danica St. Como | Other books by Danica St. Como
Published By: Decadent Publishing Company, LLC
ISBN # 9781613334867

Word Count: 21000
Heat Index

Available in: Epub, HTML, Microsoft Reader, Adobe Acrobat, Mobipocket (.prc)


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About the book

Pissed off, crabby, and contemplating getting a guard dog, Wallis Gardner is goddamned tired of being laid up with a gunshot wound while her men—blond, blue-eyed Austin Cooper and dark-haired, grizzly bear Michael Gallo—finish the job they’d all been working on with the Bureau of Criminal Investigations.

An anonymous tip sends her partners on a futile chase, leaving Wallis to deal with the massive cast on her leg and the creepy new tenant in the small cottage at the edge of her property. When Austin and Michael return, the welcome home party leaves them all exhausted but satisfied before a call comes in with yet another missing girl.

Unprotected, Wallis finds herself dancing at the end of a killer’s blade. But with life and love on the line, this is one dance she intends to lead.

An excerpt from the book

They’re back. My boys are back. They…are…baaack! If it wasn’t for the cast, Wallis would be doing an energetic Snoopy Dance of happiness.

The last assignment had been the first time their team had been dispatched, short one member. She was honest enough with herself to admit she missed her specialty, which was pouring through evidence. Missed the adrenaline kick when her theories panned out. Missed working within the tight, cohesive unit formed by the three partners as they worked major crime scenes. She’d been stuck at the house, feeling useless, awkward—and oh, so lonely.

Wallis leaned on the kitchen counter, elbows on the cool tile, mug of fresh, hot coffee cradled in her hands. She gazed through the multi-paned windows over the sink, enjoyed the color-drenched patch of relentless wildflowers that struggled for survival at the back edge of the lawn. Engrossed in her reverie, she yipped when a pair of strong arms grabbed her around the waist.

Austin nuzzled the back of her neck.

“Yuck, cowboy, I spilled my coffee. And your hair is still wet. You’re dripping on me.”

“Sorry, darlin’, I couldn’t bear to spend another single minute away from you.”

She twisted in his arms, kissed him. “That’s the best excuse I’ve ever heard. You’re forgiven.”

He took her face in his big hands, returned her kiss with enthusiasm.

She leaned into him. “Mmm, baby, I missed you, missed you, missed you.” She inhaled, deeply. “And you smell so good.”

“Definitely better than I smelled before. I missed you, too. You left me alone with Gallows-Boy. You know how cranky he can be, especially when he’s tired.”

“It wasn’t like I did it on purpose, y’know.” She tapped against the cast with her fingernails.

Austin snorted. “Like getting shot in the line of duty is a good enough excuse for leaving me with him.”

However, his interest in her closeness was immediately evident beneath the towel wrapped around his waist.

Her eyebrow arched then she smiled. “Wow, you did miss me.”


Danica St. Como Author Bio:

A Jersey girl born and bred, for the past nine years Danica St. Como has written at her farm in central upstate New York, surrounded by any number of Whippets—both under desk and underfoot—as well as a malevolent treadmill that stares at her from across the room. She puts her pen to paper, in a manner of speaking, under several romance sub-genres: contemporary, MFM  and MMF ménage a trois, MM pairings, erotic historical, paranormal — all hot, all steamy, and all sexually explicit.

St. Como is a member of the Romance Writers of America and the Central New York Romance Writers chapter of the RWA. Readers can contact her at

Danica St. Como Author Links:


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