Ava Snow Spotlight


Review Past Unbound
Ava Snow
Horny Devil Publishing
Interacial Romance


Lia’s heart was ripped out emotionally when the man she loved Dare ended things between them
without warning. She has never fully given her heart to anyone else in the six years. When Dare comes back he is even better looking then he was before and he has his sights set on Lia.

Dare always knew that he was going to come back and claim back his Lia. Being forced to
break up with Lia was the worse thing he ever did. He hopes that Lia will give him
another chance because he does not want to live without her any longer.

Lia and Dare’s story will break your heart at the same time you want to go and get an ice cold shower. PAST UNBOUND by Ava Snow will leave readers wanting to kick the butt of the people who
broke them up in the first place.  Be sure to click on the link to purchase your copy today.

Past Unbound – excerpt

It felt like the proverbial cat had her tongue, and she couldn’t seem to find her voice to answer his question.  Her body was a mass of need and want, her nipples rock hard.  The almost painful weight of her nipple rings caused her cream to flow freely between her legs.  She shook as she looked into the gray eyes that she’d always loved; so dark now, they were nearly black.  It had been too long since she had given into this need.  Knowing instinctively Dare could give her what she needed, was she ready to give in to him?
He took the choice out of her hands.  “Rise, Lia.”
Rising to her feet, he led her to the spanking bench that smelled brand new.  She didn’t say a word as he positioned then cuffed her wrists and ankles to the bench.  He made adjustments so that her ass was high in the air while she briefly wondered if he had brought the little blonde tramp to this room.  Had he ever cuffed her to this bench, with its butter-soft leather that seemed to melt into her skin?  Moving her arms and legs, testing the tightness of the restraints, she discovered they were tight, but not tight enough to hurt, just enough to hold her there until he released her.  She settled into the bench and gave a small whimper as another shiver raced over her body when he ran a firm hand down her spine.  Dare lulled her into a sense of calm as he continued to run his fingers lightly down her back before running an open palm over her butt.  Lia cried out when the hard slap of his hand came down across her backside.
She couldn’t stop the moans that left her or the wiggling of her bottom as Dare rubbed in the sting from his slap.  Knowing her cheeks were starting to pinken, she hoped it pleased him.  She got her answer when he groaned then continued the hard slaps to her ass until her cries turned into whimpers and pleas for more.  “Quiet, Precious.  I know what you need and when you need it.”
Lia knew she was giving in to him too easily, but she hadn’t felt this way in a very long time.  Her body was on fire, her juices flowed down her thighs, and her emotions were running on ultra-high.  Dare was going to take her places she shouldn’t let him, but couldn’t seem to stop.  She wanted it…no needed it.  She’d been bottled up way too long.  The sudden sound of his deep, lust-filled voice made her jump a bit.


Review Love Unbound
Ava Snow
Horny Devil Publishing
Menage m/f/m
Interacial Romance

After reading Past Unbound I had hoped that Dare’s friend and partner Slade would get his
own story and thankfully he did. Slade has been watching Tiyionna for the past few months at
the club that he owns with Dare. He knows that he wants to claim her but is not sure Ti can submit to him.
Ti has been in love with Slade since the moment she met him. Ti is a sub who has been hurt
in the past and has some self image issues. She doesn’t think she has a chance with someone
as hot as Slade to feel the same way.

If PAST UNBOUND was hot LOVE UNBOUND is smoking hot.  Slade is a very dominant male and loves every curve on Ti’s body and the scenes where he convinces her that she is perfect the way she is will make you go stand outside in your birthday suit in the North Pole.

I just have one wish, that Ms Snow has a story lined up for Ti’s brother Dev. Might need to stock up on chocolate for that one.


Her feet seemed frozen in place.
“Tiyionna. Turn around.”
God, that voice went right through her. Slade had to know what his voice did to women, and he used it as a weapon. Damn him. It should have enraged her, but instead, it just made her bloodstream melt. Turning, keeping her eyes on the floor, she felt him approach to stand right in front of her. He took her arm in his right hand, pulling it up to look at the slight injury as she winced at the contact. “Fuck!” Slade cursed then gripped her hip with his left hand. Shock waves coursed through her from his touch. He turned, guiding her, keeping her with him, as they headed down the hall.
“S-Sir? Where are you taking me?”
He didn’t answer her, just growled low and kept walking. When they turned to the right before descending the stairs, she knew exactly where they were going. Why would he take her to his rooms? Tiyionna dug in her heels, coming to a stop.
“Aww, pet. You are in enough trouble. You don’t want to add to the punishment.”
“What? Punishment for what? I didn’t do anything wrong.” While they stood side-by-side on the stairs, she looked over at him; sure he’d lost his mind. “Besides, you can’t punish me. I quit.” The quirk of his brow, the smirk he gave her before pushing her forward to continue down the stairs sent shivers down her spine. Shit. Her mouth just didn’t have a filter.
Her heart rate picked up, started thundering in her chest when he pulled a thick key out of his pocket to unlock the door to his private dungeon. Slade ushered her inside then closed and locked the door behind him. “Strip and present yourself, Tiyionna.”



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  1. Thanks Barb! I’m so glad you liked both stories. I am happy to tell you that you will get a story on Devlin. I’m working on his tale now. Shouldn’t be too much longer. 🙂

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