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Review: The Pit: Cameron Part one The Pit: Cameron Part two Edward Tailor BDSM

thepitcameronpic Cameron is part owner of The Pit an exclusive BDSM club. He has just about given up on finding a submissive who will meet his needs. When he walks in on Tilly rifling through his desk he has an inkling that this could be the one. Having no idea what she stTHEPIT2umbled into but Natalie better known as Tilly meets Cameron first thought was that he was sex on a stick. But then she is thrust into a world she never really thought existed. I am so thankful that I got these two books together. Cameron and Tilly are explosive and readers will find themselves in the world of BDSM. I highly recommend buying both THE PIT:CAMERON PART ONE and THE PIT: CAMERON PART TWO together. Once you finish the first you will definitely want to dive into the second. Cameron is a classic Dom and Tilly is an unknowing submissive and when he introduces her to his world readers along with Tilly will keep wanting more. I loved these two and really sincerely hope there is a Part Three. Reading new to me authors is one of the best things about doing reviews and Edward Tailor has moved onto the must buy list. He


Cameron Part One

  “This is a private club little one,” he started to explain carefully. He didn’t want to lie to her. Ultimately as always, relationships, even if they were boss and employee, should be based on trust. “My club,” he started again, “is a highly sought after club, with a limited clientele.” Frowning at him, she tilted her head slightly, showing him her long slender neck. He gave a little sigh of need and continued. “The clientele that come here come for a sole purpose.” He watched her closely for her true reaction. She shifted in her short skirt, kissing the wooden stool with the back of her bare thighs. Noticing her nipples beading through her lace bra and thin top, his body reacted immediately, a hard on pressing against the zipper of his jeans. Shit “They all come to my club to practice control and domination, and here we specialise in Dominant sexual acts for the people who move in these circles. It’s known more commonly as a BDSM club.” He rested his chin on his linked fingers and waited for the information to sink in. Her jaw dropped, her eyes bulged, and she gave him a small giggle before she replied with a little high-pitched squeal. “You’re kidding me, right?” “No Doll. I never kid.” He wanted to make that loud and clear. “You mean you whip people here?” Her face was flushed with embarrassment, but she was still giggling. “Only if they require it.” He cocked his brow and looked at her sideways. “You do? You have to be kidding me! Really?” She laughed and cupped her hands to her face. “What do you mean if they require it?”hornydevil “I told you, I don’t kid and yes, I do…Really. Some of my subs require a heavy hand in order to reach their release. Others, well they require fluffy hand cuffs and blindfolds.” He watched as she stroked her top teeth with her tongue and imagined how that supple muscle would feel around the ridge of his cock. Turning away from him briefly, her joviality had gone when her gaze swung back to his. “You really aren’t kidding, are you? But why? Do they pay you? Are you like a gigolo?” “No Tilly, I’m a Dominant. We do not trade sex for money,” he explained in what she now understood to be his Dominant tone. Hot. “I can read your body little one better than you can yourself and if you were my sub…”



The Pit: Harvey Book One Edward Tailor Horny Devil Publishing BDSM Menage m/f/f m/f/m Edward Tailor and I need to have a talk about the way he ends the first parts of this series. If it were not for the fact that I will be reading Book Two of Harvey’s story shortly I would be crying and begging for the next one to come out. The Pit: Harvey Book One continues the series set in an exclusive BDSM club and Harvey one of the co-owners has always considered Bonny the bartender the bane of his existence. Bonny has had the hots for her boss since she started working at The Pit but gets scared when her ex is released from prison and he is looking for her. Harvey moves Bonny into his apartment until the threat is removed but things heat up when the attraction suddenly is not one sided. If this series gets any hotter I just may need to put on flame retardent gloves to read. As a fan of menages I have found a lot of m/f/m but not m/f/f menages and Edward Tailor does both very well. I cannot wait to see who Hamilton, Harvey’s brother ends up with.

Harvey Part One

She had a perfect ass. Sure, she had a little cellulite, but that made

her human. Bonny was a woman in her late twenties at the peak of her

feminine beauty. Her body’s structure had developed into a beautiful

hourglass form that she carried elegantly. He squeezed more cool lotion into

his hands. Starting at the base of her spine, he gently massaged down the

pale flesh of her cheeks. Fuck, she felt so soft, and her sweet musk, em, she

was so aroused. Bonny’s body lay flushed, heated with need on his bed, and

he had to battle with himself not to take her. Bonny’s affections for him

were more than uncertain. A crush, he was sure, but shit, he was more

concerned with his own feelings. He had not let himself be in a one-on-one

situation since he had lost his love, but Bane was testing him. Her beauty

was undeniable, and his body responded on its own accord. He watched as

his dark hands stroked over her flushed skin, the contrast against her pale

flesh was like yin and yang; total opposites that worked well together.

Unable to resist her perfection anymore, Harvey gently thumbed open

her butt cheeks. Working the fleshy orbs in his palms slowly but surely, he

inched his way down between her thighs, dipping his finger teasingly into

the wet, velvety heat of her fleshy lips.

Bonny inhaled sharply, her body tightening. He stopped massaging

immediately. “It’s ok, Bane,” he whispered reassuringly as he leaned

forward to kiss the arch of her spine. “I just wanted…” He stopped…he just

wanted to what? Touch, feel…what? And more importantly, why?

“No, I’m sorry, Sir. It’s just that it’s been a while, is all,” she

answered sincerely, albeit nervously. Her body tensed at the intrusion of his

fingers, but her wetness was a testament to how much she wanted him.

“How long is a while, Bane?” Why was he asking? Why did it

matter? She was a woman in obvious need, and he was a Dom. He should

be cuffing her to the bed and making her cry out her release. Becoming too

personal with Bane was not on his “to do” list. He just had to take care of

her until he worked out the issues with her ex, Tony. He knew that, yet, his

dominant nature was screaming at him to give her what she needed, what her

body desired—helping her reach her release, so she could rest with a free

mind and clear conscience.

“Oh, you know, just a while,” she stammered uneasily.

He sucked back a deep breath, looking skyward and thought, Man up.


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