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Isabella LaPearl

Born and raised in New Zealand and living in America, Isabella LaPearl is a pseudonym for a disgustingly happy housewife and Mother of three. A word painter and artist, I wrestle daily with the ‘little people’ that live inside my head, demanding to be spread on the pages of the tales that I weave. Then…and only then, is there peace.

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(The Quickening Series, Book 1):

a beautiful vintage mirror in a dark room

Rose Tralee O’Neills’ ancient bloodline can be traced all the way back to 360AD. With six brothers, the family name is destined to continue well into the new millennium. But there’s a secret; a boon well-guarded through the centuries that can only be passed on through a paternal line. One that will shatter the bonds of reality as it awakens inside Rose.


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