Spotlight on Indigo Sin



When I got asked to do these spotlights for Horny Devil Publishing I was happy that one of the authors was Indigo Sin. She has become a favorite over the past few months. I advise keeping an extra pair of panties lying around when reading you just might need them. 😉

When traveling to her sister’s wedding Hadley is not happy about finding she has to ride the entire distance with the grooms’ brother Colton who is also the best man.

When the bus gets stuck in the middle of a blizzard Colton out of the goodness of his heart offers Hadley a way to keep warm. Things go from frigid to blazing hot within seconds.

Colton and Hadley spark enough heat to melt the North Pole as well as singe the circuits of my laptop. What I also loved is the humor between the characters too. I found myself chuckling in between wanting to take a cold shower and drink something cold.

This is the first of a three part series and will have the reader wanting to email the editor of Horny Devil Publishing to publish parts two and three sooner rather than later.

HINDRED by Indigo Sin is smoking hot. Speaking as someone who has ridden the bus a time or two I will never look at the back of the bus in the same way again.

Without opening his eyes, he smirked. “If you want to get warm, you can join me under my blanket, sweetheart.”
“I’m good.” She answered without hesitation.
He chuckled at the predicted answer. “Suit yourself. Plenty of room over here if you change your mind.”
He held back a grin as he heard her mumbling to herself, before feeling her slide into the seat next to him. She wasn’t going to go down easy, but she was definitely giving in.
“Fine, but keep your hands to yourself.” She warned.
He let her lift the blanket and curl up, knowing she was berating herself for giving in, but she would get over it eventually. The second her soft little body snuggled up to him, his body reacted as it always did. His cock went rock hard and his heart beat a little faster as she sighed softly at the warmth. The sweet scent of her shampoo assailed his senses, making him want to bury his face in her hair and inhale her deeply.
“Better?” The question came out deep and raspy. Geez, was that his voice? What the hell?
He felt her nod against his shoulder. “Yeah. Thanks.”
She was shivering slightly in spite of the heavy coat she wore, and he could feel her wringing her hands, still trying to warm them. Taking a chance, he lifted his arm up and around her, tucking her in close to his side. She didn’t protest, snuggling right into him. Thank God for that. He didn’t want her to be cold, and if he scared her away, she was going to freeze across the aisle.
“Your hands cold?” he asked, fighting the urge to pull her into his lap.
She hesitated before answering. “Yeah, but it’s alright. They’ll warm up.”
“You can put them under my shirt if you want… to warm them I mean.” He knew it was a risky maneuver to ask, but he wanted her to be comfortable.
She responded with an un-ladylike snort. “Nice try, ass.”
Colton couldn’t help but laugh. God she was cute when she was all pissy. “Alright. Just thought I’d offer, I’m warm.” Shit, at this point he was overheating with her pressed up against him, and it had little to do with body heat. Even through her coat, he could feel her soft curves. He couldn’t resist letting his hand stroke her hip…testing the waters. She still didn’t run screaming, so this was good.
He tensed up slightly as she shifted next to him, and then hissed in a breath as her icy cold little hands slipped up under his shirt onto his abs.



Broken Review


It has been four months since the wedding that brought Hadley and Colton together. Hadley was starting to wonder if Colton was going to put a ring on it but everytime she mentions the M word he changes the subject.
Colton loves Hadley but has a secret, He’s married.

The only thing I hated about this series is waiting for the next installment REDEEMED. Colton and Hadley can barely keep their hands off of each other and the love scenes will set off smoke detectors but when Hadley discovers Colton’s secret get out the tissue box. I cannot wait for the next part of this series to see how Colton digs himself out of the mess he is in.
Indigo Sin seriously needs to write longer. Her books are never long enough in my opinion and once you read her you will agree with me.
Go to AMAZON and purchase your copy of BROKEN today!!



“I found her.”

Colton sat up stock-straight in his chair, clenching the phone in his hand, unable to believe what he was hearing.  “Cara?  You found her?  Where is she?”

Christian, the investigator, sighed.  “You’re not going to like what I have to tell you.”

Colton froze, dread flowing through his veins like ice water.  “What is it?  Dammit, Christian, tell me what the hell is going on.”

“She refused to sign the divorce papers.  Said she wanted to talk to you face to face about it.  She’s headed to Duchesne, man.  I’m sorry.”  He sounded sincerely apologetic as he dropped the news on Colton’s head like a boulder.

“She knows where I live?” he asked, his voice slightly strained.  Swallowing hard, panic twisted into a tight ball in his gut waiting for Christian’s answer.

“Your address is right on the court papers, Colton.  There was really no hiding it.”

He closed his eyes, sucking in a deep breath.  “When…how long do I have before she gets here?  Fuck, man, I can’t let Hadley find out about this.”  Letting his head fall back, he stared up at the ceiling, dragging a hand down his face.

Christian blew out a breath, hesitating for a moment.  “She’s on her way now; she wasn’t too far from town when I talked to her.  I tried to call you, but your cell was off, and you weren’t at the office yet.”

He pulled his cell out of his pocket, hitting the button to wake it up.  Shit, he’d turned it off the night before when he and Hadley had gotten back to his place to prevent any distractions.  He’d forgotten to turn it back on.  Way to go moron.

Colton leaned back in his chair, the leather creaking under his weight as he rubbed the back of his neck.  “Fuck!  This is bad.  I need to get home before Hadley does.”

“I’m really sorry, Colton,” Christian said apologetically.  “I wish I could have gotten to you sooner.”




Redhead purred as her hand wandered again, but this time he caught her wrist, shaking his head.  “Not interested, Doll.  Go find someone else to molest,” he drawled, hoping it was the last time he’d have to tell her.

That earned him a shitty look and an un-ladylike snort, but she slid from the stool, and stomped away.  Thank God for small miracles.

As he swirled the liquid in the glass, ice clinking against the sides, the door opened to admit a new patron, but he was beyond caring.  The more he drank, the better he felt, and after a while he had forgotten what he was there to forget anyway, so his plan was working out swimmingly.  Knocking back the rest of his drink, Brad, the bartender, gave him that look that said he’d had enough.  Fuck that.

“Need a refill, Brad,” Colton demanded, belching as he pushed the glass toward the man.

Brad sighed, but put the bottle to the glass anyway.  “Last one, Colt, and then I’m calling you a ride.”

Colton gave him an un-amused look, waving his hand through the air.  “What the fuck ever, MOM.”

Brad narrowed his eyes as he finished pouring and set the bottle back on the bar, before crossing his arms like he had something to say.  Oh great, here it comes…the speech.  He had known Brad since they were boys.  They grew up on the same street, chased the same girls, and raised more than a little hell together.  The look on Brad’s face said that he knew exactly what the issue was, but Colton was in no mood to discuss it.

Colton put his hand out as Brad opened his mouth to speak.  “Don’t go there, Brad.  I don’t want to discuss it.”  His speech slurred the slightest bit at the end and he cleared his throat in an attempt to cover it.  Fuck, discuss was hard to say after half a bottle of Jack, that was for sure.  Brad flipped him the bird as he made his way back across the bar to do…whatever shit it was that bartenders did, and Colton’s head found its way back into his hands.

Colton swung his gaze over the room once more, trying to stay on his stool when the room spun slightly.  Mister loner in the corner had a woman with him now.  They looked to be having a good conversation.  Whatever, good luck, buddy.  Rubbing at his eyes with both hands, he stopped dead still when a soft feminine laugh drifted across the bar.  He knew that laugh.



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