Warlord Unarmed by Cynthia Sax

Warlord Unarmed
Cynthia Sax
Ellora’s Cave
WARLORD UNARMED is the second part in Cynthia Sax’ Warlord series. In Warlord Unarmedwarlordunarmed_9781419945571_msr

Murad arrives to help Gale repair her ship. When he sees Gale he knows that

she is his mate.
Gale has long learned not to trust people or get to attached.
WARLORD UNARMED is hilarious. Yes it has scenes that could cause your fingers to
suffer third degree burns but the humor in it will have laughing out loud. Gale has
an itchy trigger finger and is not afraid to use it. Readers will also want to hug
Gale as they learn why she has trouble trusting anyone.
Murad has long been considered the nonserious brother but he prooves that even
the most even tempered man can be formidable when it comes to his mate.
Cynthia Sax just gets better and better with each new release and the Warlord series
is my favorite so far. Every time I get a new release from Cynthia Sax I want to jump
all over it and read it but then I drag it out cause I do not want it to end.
If you are looking for a hot sexy funny read then go and purchase WARLORD UNARMED today.

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